Avast Causes Listing Grid Display Problem


The Avast! Anti-Virus program is currently falsely reporting that certain CSS and/or Javascript files required by the MLS system to display grids is a virus or has malicious code. This prevents them from downloaing on Windows computers using the Avast! AV program.


Steps to Fix

There are two ways to by-pass the incorrect warning from Avast.

1) Disable Avast! AV while you are browsing the MLS. This method is easy, but don't forget to turn your Avast! Antivirus back on once you're done with MLS and return to normal web browsing.

2) Create an Exception for Avast! AV to allow downloads from the rapattoni media server.


Right click on your Avast! tray icon. Locate the general configuration and look for "Exclusions". Once on the exclusions screen, select the URL tab, and add "http://mediall.rapmls.com*" and click "ADD" then "OK". When you refresh the MLS webpage it will now render properly.