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Dues Overview

When Are My Bills Due?

Annual membership dues are billed at the beginning of December. MLS user fees and lockbox rentals are billed quarterly at the beginning of every December, March, June and September. Leased lockbox keys are billed every June for a period of 12 months. Please familiarize yourself with the scheduling chart below:





  Statement Sent; Late Fee Applied

Total   Amount Due (incl. Late Fee To Avoid Supension

Final   Notice
  Sent; Services

Termination   of Services

1st   Qtr. MLS & Lockbox Rent /
  Annual Dues

Dec.   1

Dec.   31

Jan.   1

Jan.   31

Feb.   1

Mar.   1

2nd Qtr. MLS & Lockbox rent

Mar.   1

Mar.   31

Apr.   1

Apr.   30

May   1

Jun.   1

3rd Qtr. MLS Lockbox Rent /
  Lockbox key

Jun.   1

Jun.   30

Jul.   1

Jul.   31

Aug.   1

Sep.   1

4th Qtr. MLS & Lockbox Rent

Sep.   1

Sep.   30

Oct.   1

Oct.   31

Nov.   1

Dec.   1

You are here: Home | Dues Overview