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Lunch & Learn: E&O Insurance

Date: Thursday, April 06, 2017 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Duration: 2 Hours

Lunch is included with this class, but you must pre-register to attend.

Topics Covered in this session:

1. Understanding how E&O coverage works

2. How do Insurance Companies set the rates

3. How to choose the best Insurance company for YOU

4. Common Litigations and Pitfalls

5. Four ways to protect yourself and keep you out of court.


Michael Mitcheom, President and Founder of Black Ink Insurance Services, Inc., has been involved in either real estate sales or the insurance industry for over 40 years.

After college Michael followed in his father’s footsteps as a Realtor.  He was later recruited by Homeowners Marketing Group, HMS, to design, develop and administer “Master Plan”, a national realtor training program.  Subsequently, HMS would tap Michael as Senior Executive Vice President where we was part of the leadership team that would vault HMS as the nations #1 E&O provider with an 80% market share.

 In 1996 Mitcheom left HMS to form Black Ink Insurance Services.  He recruited and assembled some of the best sales and administrative people in the Realtor E&O insurance sector.  The objective was to use their understanding of the insurance business to not sell insurance but rather help Realtors find and purchase the best coverage at the best price.  With Black Ink’s unique “Realtor First” philosophy we have been able to sustain and prosper in the market for the last 21 years with a client base of over 5,000 individual  real estate offices located in 33 states. 

Rapattoni Class ID: ED040616

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