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Keep it Real with BoxMLS

Date: Monday, July 09, 2018 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Instructors - Speakers: Dick Betts

Whether you’re an agent, a broker or MLS and association staff, you have witnessed a huge change in
the real estate industry. Once there was nobody between the buyers and sellers of real estate and the
REALTOR. Now, more and more layers are being added. This has caused a disconnect between the
agent and the consumer. It’s time we make a plan to take back the customer service, the passion, and the
relationships that make the real estate industry so special.

BoxMLS™ has teamed up with nationally-known real estate speaker and trainer Dick Betts to share a
plan to restore the level of service and connection needed today. Dick has helped many companies in his
19 years of traveling North America including Supra, Palm, e-Pro certification, Point 2 and many others.
Topics Dick will cover in his 90 minute presentation include:
• Taking control of your local market
• Developing and deepening relationships
• How to build respect in your market
• Cover what ingredients are needed to build trust
• What consumers really care about
• How to be sure to stay in contact with leads so nobody falls through the cracks
• Bonus information on customer relationships and building friendships
• How BoxMLS fits into taking back control and relationships in your market

Rapattoni Class ID: BOX07A

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You are here: Home | Monthly Calendar | Keep it Real with BoxMLS