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NAR Code of Ethics Documents

The NAR Code of Ethics Requirement Becomes Biennial 

IMPORTANT:  Starting in 2017, the NAR ethics requirement becomes biennial, and members will need to obtain ethics training during the reporting periods during which they are not renewing their California real estate licenses.

OPTION 1:                 Submit a completed Mandatory NAR Ethics Training Class Self-Certification Form (If you are renewing your California real estate license between 01/01/17 and 12/31/18 or you will complete this requirement through an entity other than SFAR or NAR) - Click here

OPTION 2 (Free):      Take the Ethics course online at (Select the "Education" tab, select "Code of Ethics Training" and then select "Current Existing Member Course".  The help line number for the site is 800-874-6500.

NOTE: When you have successfully completed the online course, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail from Please forward the completion confirmation to Annie Rattapituck at or by fax to 415-553-3968.

Completion of this Ethics course will not meet the BRE license renewal requirement.

OPTION 3 ($15.00):   Attend an Ethics video class at SFAR - Register here


Consequences for Not Completing the Mandated NAR Code of Ethics Requirement

If the mandated NAR Code of Ethics requirement is not completed by the deadline of December 31, 2018, SFAR, CAR and NAR memberships will be suspended on January 1, 2019.

In the event of a REALTOR® broker’s suspension of membership, the memberships of all REALTOR® agents under his or her office will also become suspended. Further, upon a broker’s termination of membership, the same will apply to his or her agents’ REALTOR® memberships.

If a REALTOR® agent’s membership is terminated, that agent’s broker will incur a Non-Member Special Dues Assessment in the amount of $640 for that agent’s failure to remain an active REALTOR® member licensed under a REALTOR® broker.

Once a terminated REALTOR® who is in default of meeting the mandated NAR Code of Ethics requirement has completed the course, he or she will qualify for reinstatement of membership. However, please note that a reinstatement fee will apply.

For more information, please email Annie Rattapituck at or call (415) 431-8500, Option 2.

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You are here: Home | NAR Ethics Requirements | NAR Code of Ethics Documents