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We've Upgraded to Realist 2

The latest version of Realist became available on SFARMLS on August 13! 

Realist has been upgraded to offer more features, improved user experience and increased customization. Specific new features to expect include:

Property Centric Data – Agents will now be able to conduct a single property search and viewing results consolidated from both the public
record and MLS data. In addition, detailed property reports containing public record information will be supplemented with MLS history, photos and sales information.

Advanced Mapping – Agents can begin their search using the map feature to see results for individual properties or neighborhoods, including parcel boundaries, active listings, recent sales, pending foreclosures, color-coded trend information and school information.

Custom Configuration – Create custom search forms, including general property searches, foreclosure searches, or search a specific region covering multiple counties.

Market Analysis and Trends – Combining both public record information and MLS listing data means agents can obtain detailed market
information at the county, city, zip code or neighbor-hood level.

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17 October 2019

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You are here: Home | News | We've Upgraded to Realist 2