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Chrome Export Issues for Realist Users

While Google Chrome is not an officially supported browser for Realist, many have successfully accessed Realist using it for some time. Unfortunately, Google's recent release of Chrome Version 29.0.1547.66 m introduced an issue that causes Realist exports, labels and assessor maps not to display on the download window.

The problem can be solved by following the steps below.

Upon completion of the following steps, Chrome will display Realist downloads in their normal manner:

1. Start Chrome, type "chrome://plugins" into the Chrome address bar, and press enter.

2. If a plus sign appears on the right side by Details, click it to display all details.

3. Find the plug-in for PepperFlash.

4. Click the Disable option.

Once the PepperFlash plugin is disabled, Realist will use Adobe Flash.  If you do not have Adobe Flash installed you may be prompted to install Adobe Flash.

Please note the screen area where the download option displays may be out of view if your display window is not maximized. Maximize the Browser window so it fits the size of the monitor completely to ensure the bottom is not hidden.

Realist Step1-2

Realist Step3-4


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You are here: Home | News | Chrome Export Issues for Realist Users