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Tax Record Listing Issues? Try These Tips

Have you experienced issues linking a property to a tax record? Trying one important step during the initial listing entry may solve the problem. Select "Search County Records" using the link provided next to the county field after selecting your Property Type and County. (See image) 


Even if you know the Blk/Lt/APN, or want to fill in the address manually, it’s a good idea to use the link provided to search the integrated tax record information. This can help avoid problems caused by a slightly incorrect Blk/Lt/APN value, or one that includes an errant letter "A" or "B".

If this still doesn’t solve the problem, another option is to complete the listing address manually and proceed to the listing editor where the "Cannot Autofill from Tax Record" error may occur. In this case, there is a new option called "Tax No Autofill" to allow you to proceed with saving and submitting your listing. (See image)

You should ONLY choose this option if you are experiencing the autofill error. Using this option to alter the value found in the Lot Size or Approx. Square Feet values to a value OTHER than the one from the legal tax record (even if it is wrong) constitutes a violation of rule 8.3 Accuracy of Information and carries Fine Level B ($100).

Correctly using "Search County Records" in step 1 of the listing input form will solve the majority of issues with the tax record data. Give it a try the next time you input a listing.


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17 October 2019

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You are here: Home | News | Tax Record Listing Issues? Try These Tips