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How May We Help You? (2020)

Please refer to this list of helpful links to assist with common year-end tasks. If you have any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we may assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is the annual dues amount broken down into multiple parts on the bill?
A: The annual dues billing statement is broken down into multiple parts as the payment is distributed to three different vendors. The dues this year have not increased but have been broken out completely for full transparancy. Dues are broken into the following payments:

  • National Association of Realtors®(NAR) dues.
  • California Association of Realtors® (CAR) dues.
  • San Francisco Association of Realtors® (SFAR) dues, which includes:
       ** SFAR membership
       ** CAF (Community Action Fund, this is local initiative and is NOT a voluntary charge, this is not the same as CAR's HAF).
       ** LAF (Legal Action Fund, this is a local initiative and is NOT a voluntary charge).

There are also two voluntary charges on the bill:

Q: I want to change my billing PREFERENCES (mail vs. email). How can I do that?
A: Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a billing preference update.

Q: When is my bill due?
A: Your dues/fees must be PAID or POSTMARKED by the due date specified on the bill. Please refer to this billing information chart for more information.

Q: When will I be assessed a late fee?
A: You will automatically be assessed a late fee if we have not yet received your payment by the due date specified on the bill.

Q: How can I remove the voluntary charges?
A: When you are looking at your bill online, you can click on the voluntary charges to remove them. Watch this 3 minute video to see how it's done.

Q: Am I signed up for automatic billing?
A: The only charges that can be set up for automatic billing are your QUARTERLY MLS Subscription Fees and your ANNUAL Supra Subscription Fees. Your Association Dues CANNOT be automatically billed. To sign up for automatic billing use this form.

Q: How can I have a late fee waived?
A: Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on having a late fee waived.

Q: What does Allocation mean on the bill?
A: The term allocation is used for the dues amounts paid for the next year. Depending on your membership type, members pay a separate allocation amount to NAR, CAR and SFAR.

Q: Why did I receive two separate bills?
A: If you are a member of both SFAR and SFARMLS you received two bills. One of the bills is for your 2020 Association Dues and the other is for the 1st Quarter 2020 MLS service.

Q: What are the details for the Deferral Payment Program for my Association Dues?
A: Using the 2 payment dues deferral program incurs a $50 mandatory processing fee which is added to your first payment due no later than January 31, 2020. The second (final) payment is due no later than February 29, 2020 (no extensions, no exceptions). None of the dues or fees for this program are refundable. Click here to access the 2019-2020 DPP application form. Please allow 3 business days for confirmation of processing and enrollment. If you do not receive a confirmation after 3 business days, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q: How do I change my address or office information? What should I do if I've changed offices?
A: To change your address and/or office information at SFAR, download this Reinstatement/Change of Office/Address Form, complete it, and then email to our Membership Group (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Q: How do I resign from the Association and/or MLS (termination process)?
A: To close your SFAR Realtor Association, MLS, or Supra Key service(s) in good standing, download this Resignation Form, complete it, and then email it to our Membership Group (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). You may be eligible for a refund of MLS or Key service paid forward but only if we receive this form by January 5th. After January 5th, January fees and subsequent late fees will be payable and not refundable.

SFAR Welcomed More than 150 International Real Estate Professionals to San Francisco

Global Real Estate 11.8.19


More than one hundred and fifty real estate professionals from thirty countries were welcomed to San Francisco with an in-depth tour of two of the city’s largest development projects to learn about investment opportunities and effective models of development.

The San Francisco Association of REALTORS®’ Global Business Council and the Mainstreet Organization of REALTORS® hosted a tour on November 7, along with support from sponsors First Republic Bank and Lennar. These organizations and companies are committed to promoting international real estate investments and exchanges.

“We are thrilled to be showcasing two of San Francisco’s leading developments, which reflect different San Francisco markets: The Avery, a luxury development in the downtown area, and The Shipyard, a well-recognized, multi-use development in the nearby Bayview/Hunter’s Point neighborhood. The sharing of knowledge and expertise, and connections between countries, are so important for REALTORS® in San Francisco and abroad,” said Sonia Gómez-Rexelius, the 2019 Chair of the San Francisco Association of REALTORS®’ Global Business Council.

The international real estate professionals were in San Francisco for the 2019 National Association of REALTORS® Conference & Expo which ran from November 8-11.

Tickets Now Available -- Inaugural Gala Honoring 2020 SFAR President Marc Dickow & Board of Directors

2020 SFAR Installation Invite

We are also finalizing corporate sponsorships of the 2020 Installation event. This is a premium opportunity for companies from the Bay Area to have exposure with hundreds of top real estate professionals. Please see the 2020 Installation Sponsorship Brochure for the full range of opportunities and contact Genevieve Montelongo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for next steps. Thank you and see you on January 11, 2020!



Register Now for This Week's NAR Conference & Expo in San Francisco - November 8-11


Have you registered yet for this week's NAR Conference & Expo here in San Francisco? 
We are thrilled the largest REALTOR® event of the year is right here in our own city. Choose from over 100 education sessions to learn about strategies and solutions that meet your clients' needs. Then, browse the industry's largest trade show, with over 400 exhibitors, to find products and services that will help you conduct business more efficiently. Make time to attend special events, including a General Session keynote presentation by NBA legend Earvin "Magic" Johnson!
Did you know that California REALTORS® can attend the Expo portion of the conference for free?
Choose the EXPO ONLY pass option and enter promo code CAR19.
We encourage you to review the full schedule of events and speakers for the 2019 NAR Conference & Expo here and join us next week. We hope to see you there!




Hear from SFAR members about why you should attend the 2019 NAR Conference & Expo:

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FORMS UPDATE—OCTOBER 2019: One New COPA Form and Four Updated Forms

To address an issue brought to the attention of SFAR’s Standard Forms Committee since the initial release of forms to implement the COPA legislation, one new form has been created and four forms have been updated.  These forms are available for membership use now in the San Francisco zipForm SFCA library.




A simplified form has been created to satisfy the Ordinance requirement to provide rental unit identification and the rent paid when notifying the Qualified Nonprofit Organizations (QNPs) that a building with 3+ residential units is listed for sale.  The form name is COPA – Required Rental Information.  Its code is COPA3-REQ.


This form allows for up to 4 units to be described and is therefore ideal for 3- and 4-unit buildings, which the QNPs are not expected to be interested in anyway.  Fields in the rent paid column are text, i.e. they allow entries such as ‘Vacant’ or ‘Owner-occupied’, not just dollar amounts.  In the event an agent wishes to use this form for 5 or more units, the Page n of n at the bottom left allows agent control over the page numbering and the form can be re-used (after creating a .pdf of the first use) for units above 4. 




The original Property Description form has been renamed as COPA – Optional Property Description with a code of COPA3-OPT. This form provides not just for the minimally required rental information, but allows an asking price and expense information to be entered, as well as more detail on the (up to) 18 units that the form handles.  If a price is entered, the form will calculate the GRM and CAP rate of the offering.  A 19th line allows for the total income from units in excess of 18 to be entered and a box at the foot of the form gives the ability to explain or disclose additional information about the Property.  Note that only one of the two COPA3 forms are required to be submitted along with the COPA – Intent to Sell Notification (COPA4), although they could be used together for, say, a 22-unit building.  The default Property Tax rate on the Expense side of COPA3-OPT has been updated to the 2019-20 rate of 1.1801%.


Other COPA form updates: The release of COPA3-REQ triggered some minor wording changes in COPA1, COPA4 and COPA7, and COPA6 was revised to make it clear that the expression of interest by a QNP in a Property has to result in an actual offer being made for that QNP to benefit from the right of first refusal.  All changed forms bear a revision date of 10/19.  To get the current version of the forms in a Template or Transaction, delete them, and then re-add them from the SFCA library.  Any data you have already entered on a form will be saved.

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