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MLS Town Hall Handouts

Thank you for attending the SFAR MLS Town Hall Meeting. The objective of the meetings is to better understand how our MLS can be the best platform for collaboration and information about real estate in San Francisco. 

Please click on the links below to download the electronic copies of the handouts provided at the meeting: 

Comparable Sale Instructions

Comparable Sales Reporting Authorization

Request to Submit Comparable Sales Information

Seller's Authorization to Exclude a Listing from the MLS

SFARMLS Fine Schedule 

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News From City Hall - 12.10.13

Legislation to Give Priority to Ellis Act Displaced Tenants Passes
Supervisor David Chiu's legislation to give priority to Ellis Act Displaced tenants passed the Board of Supervisors last week and is now heading to the Mayor's Office for signature. The legislation is the first in a wave of proposed ordinances meant to address the Ellis Act and Ellis Act-related evictions.

The Legislation: Supervisor Chiu has authored legislation that would give Ellis Act Displaced Tenants higher preference when applying for assistance under all affordable housing programs administered or funded by the City. The legislation attempts to mitigate the impact of Ellis Act evictions on tenants.

REALTOR® Impact: The legislation has no significant impact on REALTORS® as it only applies to rental properties that are under affordable housing programs funded or administered by the City.

Supervisor John Avalos' Ellis Act and Merger Prohibition Legislation Moves to the Board of Supervisors
Supervisor Avalos' legislation, which prohibits a merger of residential units in a building that has had a "no-fault" eviction in the last ten years moves out of the Land Use Committee on December 9 without a recommendation and into the larger Board of Supervisors December 10 agenda.

The Legislation: Supervisor Avalos' legislation changes to the Planning Code to centralize all language regarding Demolition, Merger, and Conversion (DM&C) of Residential Units into the same section of the Planning Code for clarity.  It also changes the restrictions around DM&C, pushing the Planning Department and Commission to reject any DM&C of residential units if it takes away an affordable housing unit.  It also prevents any building that has had a "no-fault" eviction in the last ten years to merge any of the residential unit within the building.

REALTOR® Impact: Clients who purchase a multi-unit building that has had an Ellis Act eviction, Owner Move In eviction, or other "no-fault" eviction may not merge any of the units in the building together.  For example, a two-unit building that has had an Ellis Act eviction is now prohibited from become a single-unit building or a single-family house.  In the status quo, such mergers need to go before the Planning Department for approval, where they face a very difficult challenge of getting approved.

Supervisor David Chiu Introduces Legislation to Legalize Existing In-Law Units
Supervisor Chiu introduced legislation to legalize existing in-law units, with tenant protections and pre-1979 rent control standards applying. The legislation is a separate legislation from Supervisor Weiner's in-law legislation, which allows for construction of new in-law units. The legislation is currently in the 30-day hold in the Land Use Committee.

The Legislation: Supervisor Chiu's legislation creates a voluntary program where homeowners with in-law units can apply to legalize their in-law unit. Their in-law unit must be brought up to building code, and if the building was built pre-1979 then rent control applies to the unit.  The owner is still liable for relocation assistance for tenants and other tenant protections, as they would be for a full legal unit.

REALTOR® Impact: Clients who have a currently existing illegal in-law unit will be able to apply to the voluntary program to legalize their unit.  They should refer to the tenants protections that apply to in-law units, and the other owner restrictions regarding cost pass-through and re-merging the unit in the future.  Clients must be able to show that their illegal in-law unit existed prior to January 1, 2014. This voluntary program is viewed as the first stop to creating a mandatory program. SFAR Government Relations staff are closely monitoring this legislation and offering amendments to mitigate unintended harm to homeowners. 


News From the SFARMLS Director Regarding Violations

Jay Pepper–Martens is the MLS and IT Director at SFAR. Each quarter, he will feature timely issues affecting members and the MLS.

In the three months since taking the helm at the SFARMLS, I’ve identified a number of key projects aimed at helping the MLS function more efficiently and seamlessly for members. 

One of these projects is the advancement of a more comprehensive and proactive violations system to help ensure the rules of the MLS are being properly followed. As members, you should be aware of the MLS Rules and Regulations around violations as we move toward greater enforcement and diligent follow up.

Here is a list of the most common violations that we encounter. Please be sure to be consistent in the accurate and timely input of your listing data:

Third Business Day Deadline - Please make sure you are getting your listing input into the MLS by the end of the third business day after a signed selling agreement is in place. Violations of this rule carry with it a fine level of “B”.

Sharing Passwords - Remember that you should never share your username and/or password combination with other users, even with those users in your office or organization. They must have their own access as provided for by the MLS Rules. This carries with it a fine level of “D”.

Public Remarks Field  - This field has a number of rules around what can and cannot be included in it. Examples are: the vacancy disposition of the property (a fine level of “A”); inclusion of contact information, (a fine level of “B”) and security or lockbox information (a fine level of “C”).

Duplicate Listings - Inputting a duplicate of a listing in the same property class (for any reason) is a violation that that carries a fine level of “C”.

Please work with us to ensure that the MLS Rules and Regulations are being followed so that we can continue to provide fair and excellent service to all. If you have any questions about this article, please reach out to me directly by calling into the MLS Department at 415-431-8500 and asking for me by name.

Need a refresher on the latest MLS Rules and Regulations? Please click on the link to download the latest copy. 

SFARMLS Violation Fine Levels





CAR Announces New Forms Release

The California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) has announced that the following forms will be released/revised on Monday, December 30, 2013:

New!  Demand for Mediation (DM)

Homeowner Association Information Request (HOA)

Residential Lease or Month-to-Month Rental Agreement (LR)

Of note, the HOA and LR forms include statutory changes that will take effect on January 1, 2014. Members will want to make sure to use these new forms once available to be compliant with the new law. A quick summary of the changes and a link to a draft of the "Demand for Mediation" form are available for your review at

International Delegates from Around the World Visit SFAR

It's been an exiciting couple of months around the SFAR offices with the National Association of REALTORS® convention being hosted in San Francisco in early November, SFAR's own Member Appreciation Day held in late November and in December, the Association's Installation Celebration in honor of our new Directors and Officers. 

We wanted to take a moment to share some of our favorite moments during the NAR Convention, which included visits from International Delegations of REALTORS® from around the world. 

SFAR played host to delegations from Brazil, Columbia and the United Arab Emirates here is the office, as well as meeting individually with delegate members from Japan and Russia. 

We look forward to fostering these new alliances in years to come. Please take a peak at some of the fun we had with our friends from abroad by checking our photo albums on Facebook. 

Brazil & Columbia Visit

UAE Visit 


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