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Gov. Jerry Brown Vetos AB 1229

Gov. Brown vetoed AB 1229, a bill that proposed to dramatically weaken rent control limitations contained in the landmark “Costa-Hawkins” law sponsored by C.A.R. in 1995. C.A.R. has been aggressively opposing the bill throughout the legislative process and had asked the Governor for a veto.

AB 1229 proposed to undo Costa-Hawkins’ protections by allowing local governments to impose inclusionary zoning on newly constructed single family and rental housing developments.  AB 1229 would have effectively repealed that part of the C.A.R-sponsored Costa-Hawkins legislation that says new construction in a rent control jurisdiction is exempt, or NOT subject to rent control.

C.A.R. wishes to thank all those members who called their legislators or wrote to Gov. Brown in an effort to defeat AB 1229. This is a big win for REALTORS®. If you have any questions, please contact DeAnn Kerr at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Change My Billing Preferences

If you would like to change your billing preferences from receiving email billing statements to paper billing statements, please email your request to Sydel Smith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once we receive your request and your preferences have been updated in our system, you will get an email confirmation. 

Probate Sales of Real Property

Member Legal Services at The California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) has a revised legal article relating to the Probate Sales of Real Property. The article provides real estate licensees with a general working knowledge of the process involved in real property sales subject to the California Probage Code (CPC). Click here and log into C.A.R.'s website to read more about how the sale of real property in probate works.

Instanet Annouces New HTML5 Forms Editor

Instanet Solutions has announced an update to its HTML5 forms editor, now referred to as InstanetForms2Go or IF2Go. IF2Go can run on tablets, PC or Mac computer. The new version is being released today.

Anyone using a PC with the Chrome browser, a MAC computer, a tablet or a smartphone will automatically be directed to IF2Go when they edit a form. There is no app, download or set-up required.

IF2Go has many new updates including a new look and feel, faster, crisper screen display as well as many new features. The added features now enable IF2Go editor to provide virtually the same functionality users love in the "Classic" Adobe Reader based version of Instanet Forms.

Want to learn more? Take a look at the videos for an overview of the new version, as well as a comparison of the old and new interface. New InstanetForms2Go Video and the Current vs. New InstanetForms2Go Video

News from City Hall

Supervisor David Campos Introduces a Resolution Supporting Use of Eminent Domain on Underwater Mortgages

The Legislation: On September 10, 2013, Supervisor David Campos introduced a resolution regarding the use of eminent domain on houses with underwater mortgages. The resolution is a declaration of support for the City of Richmond, which is planning to fight future foreclosures by using eminent domain to forcibly buy underwater mortgage loans from their lenders at values significantly below market rate. The resolution also directs San Francisco city government to conduct a study on underwater mortgages and explore similar programs for San Francisco homeowners.

The REALTOR® Impact:  If the resolution passes, the surrounding neighborhoods around eminent domain will likely see a dramatic drop in property value due to the extreme undervaluing of the government's eminent domain transaction. Mortgage credit availability will likely become extremely restricted within the city and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will consider limiting, restricting, or ceasing business activities within San Francisco. Potential homebuyers across all markets will suddenly face large barriers to credit and overall property values across the city will fall.  Local governments who have utilized eminent domain have seen a freeze in their municipal bonds, and Moody's has reported that any government entity pursuing eminent domain will face a negative impact on their credit rating.

Learn More: Contact SFAR GADs Mary Jung or Jay Cheng to learn more.

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