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Chrome Export Issues for Realist Users

While Google Chrome is not an officially supported browser for Realist, many have successfully accessed Realist using it for some time. Unfortunately, Google's recent release of Chrome Version 29.0.1547.66 m introduced an issue that causes Realist exports, labels and assessor maps not to display on the download window.

The problem can be solved by following the steps below.

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New Facebook Features on Listing Detail

When posting a listing to Facebook from the Listing Detail page in the SFARMLS, you now may choose between posting to your personal profile, posting to your business page, or sending a private message.

Please Note: Facebook's security policy requires users to provide the page ID when posting to a business page. The business page ID can be found in Facebook, when logged in as the page administrator, by clicking on Edit Page>Update Page Info from the Admin Panel page. The ID is listed last under the "Page Info" section.

Click on the Read More tab to see detailed screenshots.

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SFAR Election Results Are In

With more than twice the voter turnout in the past, three REALTOR® members have been elected to the Association's Board of Directors to serve three-year terms commencing on January 1, 2014. Directors elections are held annually and involve the election of REALTOR® members to replace outgoing directors completing their terms of office. This year's ballot count produced the following results:

Eugene Pak, Climb Real Estate

John O. Asdourian, McGuire Real Estate

Matt Fuller, Zephyr Real Estate

The Association extends its congratulations to the newly elected directors and its best wishes that their service on the board of directors will be most rewarding. Expressions of appreciation are due those who were not elected at this time for their interest in serving as directors. The continued success of the Association is dependent upon the willingness of REALTOR® members to serve on policy-making bodies, such as the board of directors, and we should all be grateful to the candidates for manifesting that willingness.

Having Trouble Accessing Realist2?

Please note that for Realist to work correctly on your computer, you must have an updated version of Flash. Members will need Flash 11 or high-er. You can check which version of Flash you have here: 

Miss the Realist Webinar?

 SFAR Members who want to learn more about Realist but missed the Webinar, can watch a pre-recorded Realist Training Session by clicking here:

You can get the new flash here:

If you are using Chrome, then you will have to enable the PepperFlash plugin.

Sharing Your SFARMLS Login Could Cost You

Did you know that it’s a violation of the SFARMLS rules and regulations for anyone to log into the SFARMLS using a MLS user login that is not their own?This also applies to agent assistants and clerical users who are logging into the SFARMLS using their agent’s or broker’s SFARMLS log-in credentials.

Use of the SFARMLS system by an unauthorized party is a violation of the SFARMLS Rules and Regulations and subject to a Level D fine of up to $1,000.

Agent assistants and clerical users who need to gain access to the SFARMLS to do work for their agent or broker can join the Association as an assistant or clerical member. Please contact our Membership Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more.

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