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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

REALTOR Safety Month with Lee Goldstein (Wed. 11 Sep, 2019 10:00 am - 12:00 pm)

Lee Goldstein is founder and CEO of Real Safe Agent, he’s a former therapist for serial predators and designed the first peer reviewed academic research into crime against real estate agents.  Lee is a recognized industry expert and regularly speaks and appears as the subject of printed articles, podcasts, and radio programs.  Lee developed the only methodology for preventing crime against real estate agents, and is the author of the newly released Safe Selling: A Practical Guide for Preventing Crime without Sacrificing the Sale as well as Aegis: A Comprehensive Agent Safety Analysis and Guide for Real Estate Industry Associations, MLSs, and Brokerages.

Behavioral Science and the Truth About Agent Safety

Description: What’s the profile of whose attacking agents?  It’s not who you think!  What’s their motive? It’s not what you think?  Do you think meeting the prospect at the office and getting a copy of the DL keeps you safe? Think again! Commercially available background checks are ineffective and increase the risk of a Fair Housing violation.  Personal safety apps are reactive not proactive.  Misconceptions about crime against agents have led to ineffective recommendations.  So how do you keep yourself safe without sacrificing your sale?  In this session Lee Goldstein will teach you how and when to use the Real Safe Agent system to prevent crime without making a legitimate prospect uncomfortable or jeopardizing your sale.

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