SFAR billing statements are now being sent by email rather than to your physical mailbox. To pay your dues online, please click on the read more button and follow the step-by-step instructions:

To Pay Your SFAR Association Dues, click the button below and log in -- if you aren't already logged in. 



Step-by-step Instructions

  • Click on the "Pay Your Annual Dues" button above - a new window or tab will appear in your browser. You can still reference this page for detailed instructions if you need them.
  • On your "Account" page
    • Put a check in the box next to Pay now and click on "Continue to Next Screen" (on the following screen you can adjust/modify optional charges). Again, do not be concerned by the amount shown on this screen because you will be able to modify it on the next screen.
    • If you wish to remove the Class Express Subscription ($50) - Click the check box to uncheck "Include."
    • 2nd line - if you wish to modify the RPAC - for either a higher or lower amount - even $5 helps your Political Voice in Washington to fight things like Transfer Taxes - Click on the word "Modify" - and a box will open up - adjust the amount in that box and click on OK. (if the box does not open up - make sure you do not have a pop up blocker on and you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer - Not AOL or other browsers).
    • Click on Credit Card
  • On the Credit Card Page
    • Fill in your credit card information
    • Click on "I AUTHORIZE THIS TRANSACTION" at the bottom.
    • Wait for response - if it says Thank You - you are set.

Thank you for renewing your Association membership!