In early May, the SFARMLS added an option for users to list apartment and single-family homes for rent on the SFARMLS. The new lease   property type also allows for a variety of listing price styles such as per month, per week, per day, as well as per square footage. For those who are listing rental properties, please remember to select the correct time duration (most commonly per month) to reflect the correct price for potential renters. You can enter these rental listings as you would a for-sale listing, making sure to choose the correct property type. You will find the rental property types in all of the SFARMLS searches.

SFAR Congratulates Rental Listing Early Adopters

SFAR would like to thank Janet Krahling with TRI Coldwell Banker and John Su with Premier West Realty for being the first REALTORS® to add apartment rental listings to the SFARMLS! These two agents will receive a special thank you note and a $25 Starbucks gift card for helping to make the SFARMLS another resource for consumers to go for their rental needs in San Francisco. We encourage all REALTORS® with apartment and single-family home rental listings to list them on the SFARMLS.