The issue being experienced between 3:45pm and 2:00pm today has been addressed. 

We did final testing with Rapattoni this afternoon around 3pm and have not seen the problems pop back up since that time. This means you can return to using whatever path best suits you. If you like the Member Website (IWS) to start and login there, that's fine. If you want to update to using the new MLS Dashboard that is also a great option. If you still see a problem, remember that you should CLOSE ALL BROWSER WINDOWS (or restart your computer, just to be safe) and then retry. You should see the problem is cleared up.


If you are still experiencing an issue, please be sure to clear your browser cache in order to log in to the site. For instructions on clearing your browser cache, please see:

Click *HERE* for details on clearing browser cache

As of January 18th, 2017 SFAR has fully unified the login system for both SFARMLS and the member website at The experience allows you to continue to use either the member website or the new MLS dashboard as your primary point of entry.

The new experience feels like this:




Note that there is a "Forgot Password" link here if your passwords have become unsynchronized for some reason, alternatively you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Please contact the MLS if you have any questions regarding this change.