A new San Francisco Ordinance going into effect on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 requires all Sellers and landlords of all real property (residential and commercial) located in areas of San Francisco at risk for 100-Year Storm Flood events to provide prospective buyers and tenants with a special disclosure statement. 
This new disclosure requirement, among other things, provides such transferees with notice of the existence of the updated San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's "100-Year Storm Flood Risk Map," which map can now be found as part of the NHD disclosures from the various service providers, such as JCP. 
The new mandatory disclosure form titled Flood Map Disclosure Statement is currently available on the SFAR Member website. It will become page 2 of a new Flood Map Advisory and Disclosure form, expected to be available in the SFCA library on zipForm by the end of May. Please See the Documents Here. 
SFAR recommends the use of the new Flood Map Disclosure Statement in every residential transaction (and lease). 
Further information can be obtained at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission website, including access to its 100-Year Storm Flood Risk Map.